do you need support in this challenging time?

I am conducting sessions via telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, and while my schedule is currently full, I am happy to connect with potential new clients regarding options for starting therapy in upcoming months as I have openings. I use a holistic treatment approach, incorporating yoga philosophy into traditional talk therapy to effectively address the issues you face.




Health is not just about having your medical tests come back negative; it's about taking care of your body, mind, and spirit each day. Do you value the role of healthy eating, physical activity, adequate sleep, and mindfulness in achieving and maintaining health? I will support you in changing unhelpful patterns and incorporating healthy routines to attend to your emotional and physical well-being.

learn to let go


The art of letting go, non-attachment, and acceptance of 'what is' are at the core of yoga philosophy. Through mindfulness practices, connection to breath, and discussion of your attachments and resistance, I will support you in letting go of what isn't serving you.

understand and manage your 



Does anxiety consume you, making you constantly fearful and leading you to believe can't handle things? Is depression getting in the way of your life? Have you been suffering from the effects of trauma? I have extensive experience in these areas, and we will work together to help YOU be in charge of your mindset again.

begin to heal.

Deciding you are ready to seek support in your journey toward living your best life takes strength and courage. From here on out, I will be by your side in identifying obstacles that stand in your way, determining your best path to overcoming them, processing difficult experiences that have caused you pain, and opening doors to finding more happiness in your life.